Colne Valley Male Voice Choir sings all sorts.  Much of the repertoire is sacred music, of course.  Though we are not a religious choir, we, inevitably, draw on this rich heritage.  Add to that operatic choruses and pieces by composers from the 15th century to the present day.  And to lighten this mix we add plenty of current songs from TV, Films, Musicals and ‘Pop standards’ We have a large library – close on 800 pieces performed over the years.

It’s a wide repertoire and we are always looking to increase it.  In any one year we’ll probably sing about 60 different songs, all from memory.  Music copies are strictly for rehearsal only.  Fortunately, Thom is a consummate mime-artist and feeds us key words as we perform. Most of it is sung in English but, in recent years, we’ve sung Macedonian folk song, Russian music in Church Slavonic, operatic choruses in ‘Yorkshire’ French, torch songs in ‘Yorkshire’ Italian and sacred works in Latin.  We‘ve even slipped in the odd phrase of Serbo-Croat.

Here are some samples of what we do in concert: Just click on a start button to listen to an excerpt.