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We just love performing!

We have sung at garden parties, amplified on sports grounds, in small community halls and in large concert halls, at corporate events and in charity concerts.  Whatever your occasion, we would be pleased to explore participating in it.

We do about a dozen events a year – mostly in Yorkshire – but we are happy to travel if needs be.  We would be keen to take bookings or find concert sponsors. That doesn’t mean we can’t do events at short notice. We are very flexible.

Do you want a choir as a supporting act to your own performers – or do you want us to provide a complete show?  We are happy to do it either way: supplementing the band or singers you’ve already booked – or, if you prefer – we can provide our own soloists from among our ranks to vary the choral numbers.  We have several talented members who are popular solo performers. Many people also look forward to Thom Meredith’s marvellous sets, or to a mini recital from the talented pianist, Chris Pulleyn, worthy successor to Maestro, Keith Swallow.

How much do we charge?  Well that’s not a straightforward question.  Many events attract full commercial rates, occasionally we have an arrangement over sharing the ‘gate money’ and some events see a charge, tailored to a negotiated assessment of the concert’s financial viability.  For some ‘charitable’ events, if the cause is one we wholeheartedly endorse, we might reduce the fee or even waive it completely. It all depends on your organisation and your wishes and requirements.

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The first step is to use our contact page to get in touch with Choir Secretary, Jenny Baxter and talk through your proposition. (You may prefer to call her on 01484 645192.)

She’ll advise on what we can offer and the sort of arrangement that, our experience tells us, will work best to ensure your event’s success.  Jenny is very helpful and we are good people to work with.

Most of the organisations who hire us make a repeat booking!


You can make a donation

Our finances have taken a hit with the pandemic so we are particularly pleased to welcome donations.

If you would like to give us a gift, please, click here.