200 Club

The Choir’s fund-raising 200 Club draws a lucky number every Monday.  The holder of that number wins £45.00, £180.00  and twice a year someone wins a whopping £1,000.00.

At the same time the 200 club provides financial support to help keep the Choir going.

The trick is that we pay out 50% in winnings and keep 50% for Choir funds. (Incidentally, that’s a way better pay-out rate than the National Lottery.)

No longer do we drag out a barrel on a stand, with a turning-handle to rotate the tokens inside so that a previous winner can draw out the number (whilst ceremoniously averting his gaze).

No, nowadays the 200 Club Supremo simply presses a button on his phone and a ‘Random Number Generator’ produces the winning number.  Well, it’s progress, I suppose.

And we’ve got a new 200 Club Organiser, running the show. Please get in touch with him and ‘buy’ a number.  It’s one of the best ways to sponsor the Choir and its musical contribution to the community.