200 Club

“A valuable fund-raising effort for the choir.” says Les Stones, our 200 CLUB organiser.   For just £1 weekly – or £50 a year – you get the chance to win.  And the odds put the ‘Lottery’ to shame.  Prizes of £45 are given out every week, except for the last Monday in the month when the prize is a mouth-watering £185.

200 CLUB with caption rhs

£1,000 prizes

And that’s not all!  We have two draws a year when the winning number gets a whopping £1,000.  These big winners are chosen at the Outlane Golf Club dinners, organised by CVMVC member, Trevor Sykes, in August and February.

Even if you are one those who ‘never win ‘owt’ you can’t lose in the 200 CLUB.  Half the money paid in comes back as prizes so you’ve got an even chance of getting back your stake.

And, even if you don’t win, you still win!  The money that the 200 CLUB keeps, goes to help fund all the choir’s activities, that are so much enjoyed by singers and audiences alike.

Frank Littlewood

The latest £1,000 prize winning number was picked – as usual at the 200 Club dinner – and it belonged to choir veteran, Frank Littlewood.  Couldn’t have been won by a nicer fella.  All the best to him! May he enjoy his windfall.

Meanwhile, Les tells me that some numbers are once again available.  It’s just £50 a year to buy a number.

Says Les, “It’s time to be one of the 2oo”         Click here  – contact Jenny, the secretary, to join the club.