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Colne Valley Male Voice Choir launches boys’ choir

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“It’s just so great to sing”

Report by Val Javin, Huddersfield Daily Examiner, March 19 2010:

“It is new, exciting and guaranteed to set the town’s music community buzzing. Colne Valley Male Voice Choir, one of the region’s top vocal ensembles, is starting a choir for boys. And they’ve already got their new choir’s first engagement lined up.

ShosholozaCVB crop small

The Boys practice some moves for South African song, ‘Shoshaloza’

Few will be surprised that one of the driving forces behind Colne Valley Boys is Thom Meredith, Musical Director of Colne Valley MVC, former head of Music at Colne Valley High School and currently Principal of Kirklees Music School.

This week, Thom and some of the male voice choir’s singers have been touring 18 of the primary and junior schools in the Colne Valley giving youngsters a taste of what fun music can be.

“Every child deserves the opportunity to sing,” said Thom. “Singing is a powerful tool not only in terms of our own self confidence and social integration, but as the National Sing Up campaign says it improves learning, confidence, health and social development.” “It has the power to change lives and help to build stronger communities.”

It is a view shared by Colne Valley Male Voice Choir which has a reputation for excellence and for enjoying its music-making.”

For further details please phone Matthew Houston or Linda on 01484 612771 or contact the m via the Colne Valley Boys website.